Learn to write essays

An essay is a type of text, which the author gives permission to come forward with its own opinion on a subject. Examples include a deep passion for something, criticism of politicians, observations of society or a particular opinion about a topic. The genre, essay, is not very well defined, and an essay can both recall an article and a short story.

The language of an essay

Most often, it is prose. It may well contain factual knowledge, both within the text and as fact boxes. This knowledge is often coupled with feelings and observations. In contrast to such an article, which is based on facts, then the data used in an essay, often have a more subjective and emotional angle.

All instruments that can be used to get the author’s meaning to shine through, be used e.g. antagonism, harsh headlines, imagery etc.

Logos, ethos and pathos in an essay

There may well be elements of both logos, ethos and pathos in an essay. However, most essays are most influenced by the ethos of the author, based on him daily observations.

The purpose of an essay.

In contrast to e.g. a news article where the purpose is to describe a novelty, the essay seeks to express an opinion or to ask questions.

How to write an essay

An easy way to write an essay is by using the following model:

  • Choose a topic that you think is interesting. It is important to find a topic that concerns you, because an essay just about you and your attitudes.
  • Examine the topic by searching around online to find information about it. Read as many articles to obtain knowledge. Find out what points you want to highlight, and when you want to highlight them, and then make a master plan with some keywords.
  • Write your essay
  • Collect your points in a conclusion.
  • Write an exciting and enticing introduction.

Good luck with your essay!